My channel is live!!!

One of the biggest goals I’ve had for this year was to start a gaming Youtube channel and today it’s ALIVE!

This means so much to me because it always felt out of reach for me. I remember once when I opened up to a friend for the first time about this goal he said that he honestly didn’t think I would do as well because female streamers/Youtubers that have big boobs and squeeky voices (things I don’t have) rule the market. Whether or not I’m successful, I don’t really care. I had to do a lot of soulsearching and I feel like just making this video alone makes ME so happy. I’m really proud of myself for actually doing something, instead of giving in to the “out of reach” thinking.

Over the past month me and a friend were investing in this project, getting a fantastic mic, some adapters and other technical things I can’t even name honestly.

To finally piece everything together, and create this thing. I can’t even put it into words.

This channel is predominately me and my sister. Eventually my friend that helped invest in this endeavor and I will start our channel, Me and the Boys.

I’m so proud of myself to have goals (for once) and FOLLOW through!!! Here’s to creating content!


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